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This 3 day mini course will help you understand what the case study exam is all about and get access to high quality resources to help you pass the upcoming August 2022 CIMA case study exam

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  • Mini Course Introduction
  • Study strategy for full time working professionals
  • Your personalised downloadable study plan
  • How to study and pass your case study exam
  • Industry Analysis (PDF and Video Lecture)



  • HD Videos Pre-seen analysis (Part 1)
  • Preseen Analysis (PDF)
  • E Pillar Mind Maps
  • Learnings from P Pillar
  • Important concept videos from CIMA OT exams



  • Our CIMA Blueprints explanation - Core area explanation on topics highlighted by CIMA 

  • Top 10 issues for this case study
  • Discussion of a mock question and how to write case study answers
  • Timed sample mock question with professional marking

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Tara Vaughan

"I had failed MCS and was starting to revise for the resit. I was totally lost on where to begin and how to build my study plan, whilst also making changes to make sure I passed next time. I needed direction and guidance, that I didn’t feel kaplan offered. 
I joined onto finntutors last minute and immediately I was grateful for the direction. I had a schedule of what I needed to work through to consolidate my knowledge, then we moved onto mock questions. 
I gained insight into what I was doing right and wrong, which helped me to build better answers.

I’m truly grateful for all the time and support they gave me. Now I have passed and can move onto the final level!"

Arvind Sharma


Nicola Dermott


Kamala Aliyeva



"Great guidance and knowledge in helping me prepare for my Management Case Study Exam. Ensuring you are well prepared and supported along the way. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of writing this exam to choose Finntutors to prepare for their exam."


"Extremely delighted to be part of this academy with the crisp and well detailed study material provided which helped me crack the SCS exam. Totally would recommend them with the high skilled tutors and the constant guidance and motivation which they give all students till the very end. It was a great learning experience and gave me great insights on the possible areas questions could be asked. A shout out to Dev & Team!"

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