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Tim Clark

I started my CIMA 7 years ago, and am a very lazy student. I took long periods away between exams, struggle to study for more than half an hour at once, and it was a miracle that I was able to eventually pass every exam first time. I could not have done this without the help of Finntutors Academy. I think I was one of the first students to study with Devansh, and over the years have seen his passion and dedication enable the company to grow to where it is now. The content and support provided is very well designed and perfect for somebody who finds it hard to study. All the concepts and chapters are broken down into simple English, with clear learning guidelines. I went into every exam feeling fully prepared, and especially liked the support for the case study. I think I must have done around 20 full practice questions, including two 3 hour timed mock exams, and got detailed feedback on all of them. I did my whole strategic level of CIMA in 4 months, and that is only because I had the support of Finntutors through my study. I highly recommend anybody to use the service they offer, which in my opinion is better than official CIMA courses, and a fraction of the price. I can’t thank the whole team at Finntutors enough, and finally I never have to study again!


Maysil Dias

Finntutors was just what I needed to clear my CIMA exams in the first attempt itself. Everything from material with detailed explanation to constant support and guidance. Each student is also given one on one assistance in terms of clearing of doubts to timely feedback on the mocks provided. Devansh sir and his team have created several videos that cover every aspect with in depth analysis and explanation. It really helped me clear my F3 paper as well as my SCS exam. I would definitely recommend!


Elizabeth Phillips

Dev takes a structured, practical approach to the CIMA exams. His notes are clear and to the point. I used his course to pass the Gateway Exam. I appreciated how many practice case exams we took leading up to the exam because as soon as I entered the exam there were little to no surprises. I would highly recommend to anyone.


Rose Hu

I am very happy with Dev's support, and I successfully passed the management case study with a score of 96. I failed this case study once with BPP's course, I must say I much prefer Finntutor's methodology and class arrangement, and the result tells the difference. Highly recommend to anyone need help with case study.


Sharon Dias Dickson

I was really confused on how to proceed after registering for the MCS Gateway Exam. I came across Finntutors on LinkedIn and that has really been a turning stone in my preparation. Dev and his team provided all the necessary study materials, revision material for each subject and had proper classes and multiple mock exams to tackle the case study. He has been constantly available for any support or query. Thank you Dev for helping me clear my exam. I would highly recommend Finntutors for CIMA Exam Prep.


Lorencia Nthere Chihuri

I want to thank Finntutors for all their help when I started studying for my MCS after a long time since my last exam. They helped me pass my MCS exam first time after taking time off. Their techniques helped me even though I felt so overwhelmed sometimes while working full time. I would recommend them whatever stage you are on your CIMA journey.



Finntutors Academy was exactly the support and guidance that I needed to clear my SCS exam. Mr. Devansh and his team prepared a brilliant set of materials and provided personalized guidance, which helped me in focussing especially on the areas that needed more effort. I would really like to thank Finntutors for helping me clear my SCS exam in the first attempt itself!


Kevin Kuriakose

Mr Devansh’s online classes acted as a guiding light towards my success in CIMA SCS exam. His meticulous teaching methods ensured that we gained an in-depth knowledge into each aspect of the case study. He was available at any time during the day to clear doubts regarding the exam and the mock exams prepared by him provided us an insight into the actual case study examination. Thanks to the entire team!


Sophie Key

I chose to take my Strategic Case Study through Finntutors. They were so professional and helpful. The case study analysis, insight, study materials, and support were second to none. I would highly recommend them.


Nkosinathi Radebe

I highly recommend Finntutors for SCS exam preparation. They provide a winning formula to pass this exam. Their exam-focused study materials and classes provide great value for money.



Passed Management Accounting Diploma Case study in first attempt thanks to Dev. Material provided was very focused, we also did a lot of mock questions so by the time exam approached I was very well prepared. Great value for money too. Will use it again before next case study for sure.


Joseph Dery Nyeadi

Finntutors are really great at what they do. The teaching, materials and above all the mock exams will make you very confident to face your exams. I passed my CIMA SCS exams with 92 after using their materials and taking their mocks. I am very much grateful to the team.


Avinash Tadepalli

I cleared my CIMA SCS exam under the guidance of Dev at Finntutors (on my First try). Dev has planned the whole stream of classes extremely well with the right spacing for the students to study and take the mock exams. The key aspect that differentiates Dev is his discipline which is reflected in timely feedback, unambiguous marking, clear guidance with focus areas to improve the answers. His ability to choose the right practice questions for the mock exams conveys his deep knowledge on the subject. THANKS for everything Dev!



Finntutors Academy has been immensely helpful in my preparation for the strategic case study. The notes and the materials were concise and easy to understand. The mock tests were instrumental in ensuring that one is well versed in all the subjects and core activities. Special thanks to Devansh; his guidance and suggestions proved to be extremely helpful. He ensures that everyone receives individual attention. All in all, the sessions and their holistic approach helped me clear my case study. Would highly recommend it!


Jenna Leigh Hill

An online tutoring model with a team who work tirelessly in the background to ensure content is up to date and to position you as the student for the best opportunity for a first time pass. They adapt to your schedule and create a balance allowing comprehensive revision and practice in and around a full time professional career. Always available to answer my calls and questions and the differentiation factor is that Dev is honest, motivating and firm to ensure you get through what is needed to achieve success. Thank you for the last 2 years.


Bikal Poudel

Really great teaching and approach for case studies. Devansh is a very dedicated tutor and always keep checking with students on their progress. Mock case study question are also provided which really helps to mimic exam case study scenario. Overall amazing learning experience. Thank Devansh and Finntutors colleagues!

Ann Mary Tom

Ann Mary Tom

To clear CIMA was a difficult thing to do along with the corporate job that I was entitled with. But everything was made so easy by the Finntutors Academy and also by the immense efforts that Devansh sir took throughout the training. The precise notes and personalised comments after each mocks was very helpful for me personally. Devansh sir , thank you for being a very approachable tutor and always motivating each one us.



Devansh helped me to pass the OCS within 6 weeks. I had exemptions for all three pillars, thus it was extra difficult to get everything to get everything in time for my exam. He provided me with extra study material and exam style questions with timely feedback. I am very glad I came across Finntutors and that I had Devansh as an accountability partner throughout my studies. Thanks Devansh! Highly recommended!!



Finntutors is such a great support platform. Not only is the material easy to follow, the one to one tutor support that you receive is like no other. Dev was so helpful and more importantly I feel like he cares about the results of his students. Would highly recommend!!



Finntutors Academy provides the best guidance and support for exams. A big thank you to Devansh for helping me clear my CIMA SCS exam. He is very helpful and provides meaningful solutions to all problems. I would recommend all to join his classes.


Rosie Kamara

Finntutors are an excellent training provider to use as all of their material is personalized. They offer timed CIMA case study mocks to sit in preparation of your exam and mark it to assist you in understanding what areas you need to focus your energies on. Thanks again Finntutors. I would highly recommend you!! 🙌


Joanna Splawa Neyman

Finntutors Academy helped me to pass SCS exam with very good score. All the materials provided were extremely helpful, but i think the key to success were mock exams which were always quickly assessed with tips how to improve. They are very responsive, professional, available and engaged in helping students to prepare for the exams. I haven't studied with them for my previous exams and SCS was the first time i used their help but definitely worth it and totally recommend. If i had to prepare for my next CIMA exam i would definitely reach out to Finntutors Academy again! Thank you very much for your support and excellent job you're doing!


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