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Early Prep - November 2022 Case Study Exam

cima case study prep Sep 13, 2022

Are you taking the upcoming Nov 2022 Case Study Exam?
If yes, this is the right place to be!
Gearing up for the pre-seen release towards the end of September and starting your preparations early is key!
Below are a list of tips and guides for the CIMA Nov 2022 case studies to help you get started.

The Importance of effective Pre-Exam Prep:
For any student that needs E, P and F knowledge refreshment the first thing we recommend for any student our Case Study Revision Course. This revision course runs you through every part of E, P and F identifying the important topics and areas to remember from the case study perspective.The revision course is available as an additional purchase for the Operational, Management and Strategic Level Case Studies.

Students coming from the exemptions route or needing a refreshment of the E, P and F material need this revision course! This revision course helps you revise the content from a case study perspective in a quick and easy way. 

Getting Started:
These materials can be accessed immediately if you have purchased access to the Nov22 Case Study courses (OCS, MCS and SCS)

Over on YouTube I regularly talk about different CIMA aspects: Case study breakdowns, methods to study, answer writing techniques. And on our website we have a few helpful blogs, such as on the different entry routes into CIMA & Why CIMA accountants are important.

Below I have linked a couple of videos to get you started:
How to Learn Faster

Study Strategy For Full Time Working Students

If you're starting from the ground up, I'd probably recommend you jump into the Case study introductions:

How To Study And Pass The OCS Exam

How To Study And Pass The MCS Exam

How To Study And Pass The SCS Exam


Case Study Prep: Mock writing
For all of our students, Finntutors' professional marking is what has made the difference. (See testimonials here)

Our student interactions have always pointed out the mock writing on our exam portal and the detailed feedback we give is what has given them the confidence to take and eventually pass their exam.

Our On-demand course gives you 15 Mock questions to practice and get feedback on (alongwith pre-seen analysis, study notes and videos of live class recordings where mocks are discussed and tips to write better answers are given).

Our Full course on the other hand gives you 25 Mock questions with feedback. (The major difference is you get invites to twice a week live lessons and your entire study process is controlled step by step)

We hope you find the above helpful as you prepare for the Nov 2022 window of CIMA Case Study exams.


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